Ludo king tricks-Get unlimited coins and win [latest 2021]

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Download and install the latest version of LUDO KING MOD APK and play with other players to enjoy your time. implement these ludo king tricks to win the game and to get unlimited coins.


Are you bored or looking to play a game that can give you real feel like of physical game? Play LUDO KING mod apk and enjoy this board game and get unlimited tokens with the mod version. In the past people used to play this board game physically but thanks to the internet and technology that you can now play this board game online as LUDO KING is the digital version of a physical board game known as LUDO or PACHISI. know more about the  Ludo King Mod APK.

Playing Modes in LUDO KING mod apk

  • Single-player: you can play LUDO KING online with your friends and can challenge them.
  • Local Multiplayer: play this game with your friends physically near to you and make your private room to play with them.
  • Online multiplayer: play ludo king online with random people around the world and win the game to become the champion.
  • Play with a computer: you can play this game with the computer as an opponent and select the difficulty level according to your skills.


  • You have access to unlimited coins and play big tournaments as you don’t have to worry about the coins and money.
  • With the MOD version, you can experience the ads-free environment which is very rare in other games.
  • Get the best quality graphics and user-friendly interface which makes the game easy to play.
  • The best thing is that most of the games or apps need rooted mobile to run hack or MOD version but you don’t have to root your device in order to play the LUDO KING MOD APK version.

Tricks for Ludo king mod apk

If you want to win the game and wanted to get six every time you roll the dice and then must know the following tricks to become champion of this Ludo game.

ludo king tricks unlimited coins

  • The first trick is that you should choose the green color home as this color gets more sixes as compared to others. If you want to get more sixes after rolling the dice then use this trick.
  • The next trick is if you want to get dice number according to your desire then first you have to get your all tokens out of home and place them in such order that no token could be placed over another like if one token is placed next to another then you won’t get 1 number as the token could not be placed over the other this is because AI system of LUDO KING does not allow this.
  • The third trick for LUDO king is again for getting a six. You should continuously press or touch the first box of your home where your token is placed after getting the six do this while your opponent turns and before rolling the dice during you’re your turn the probability of getting the six is increased.
  • As we know that there is AI (artificial intelligence) system working behind this LUDO KING game so we have to let that robotic system know which number we want to get after rolling the dice so for this you just click on the box where you want to get your token move this will increase the probability of getting that number. Follow this trick and do this process during your opponent’s turn and before your turn.

These tricks and tips can really make you win however there is no guarantee that you will always get what you want but these tricks will increase your winning chances and probability up to 60% .


Get unlimited free coins

You can get free unlimited coins in the ludo king mod apk by following these steps

  • First of all, connecting the Facebook account with ludo king and get 10 free coins.
  • Secondly, there is a spin wheel which you can spin and get free unlimited coins according to the number you get on the spin wheel. You can try your luck after every hour and get unlimited free coins.
  • You can watch some videos and install some apps to get free unlimited coins.
  • Make your opponent bore like play your turn when your time frame is going to end and if your opponent leaves the game because you he was not happy to play with you as you were very slow in turning the turn. So like this, you can also earn free unlimited coins.

Install the LUDO KING mod apk version to get more coins you just have to install the version and will get 10k coins and when you spin the wheel in the mod version you get coins always more than 500. Like this, you can clear the data and uninstall the game again and reinstall to get more than 10k coins.

Download the latest version of the LUDO KING MOD version below and enjoy unlimited features and challenge your friends and win the game to become the king.



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