Ludo king new updates 2021 latest version new modes

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Ludo King new update

As we all know that ludo king is the most famous board game. It has also crossed 100 million downloads on the play store. Ludo King has updated its version and also added the new mode in the game. You must have to update your current version to the latest version in order to enjoy the latest features of the game and to run the game smoothly. There are now popular mode, classic mode, quick mode, mask mode. The quick and mask mode are the new modes to play. If you want o have these modes in your game then first of all update your game to your latest version. If updating does not work then simply uninstall the game and re-install It again the latest version will be installed automatically.

Now let we discuss about the new updated modes which are quick and mask mode. Both modes are very interesting to play as people need such type of updating.


  • You have access to unlimited coins and play big tournaments as you don’t have to worry about the coins and money.
  • With MOD version you can experience the ads-free environment which is very rare in other games.
  • Get the best quality graphics and user-friendly interface which makes the game easy to play.

The best thing is that most of the games or apps need rooted mobile to run hack or MOD version but you don’t have to root your device in order to play the LUDO KING MOD APK version. know more about the MOD version of Ludo King Mod APK.

Ludo king Quick mode update

Ludo King has added a new mode know as Quick mode. In this mode, the gamers can finish the game quickly in approximately 5-7 minutes. The time in the timer is also very less so you have to play your turn quickly. In quick mode, you must do one kill in order to take your token to your home. If you have not done any kill you can’t get your token in home and it will start the next round from the beginning. The second thing is that you just have to take only one token in the home instead of all fours. so first you have to do one kill and the player whose token reaches the home first will win the game.

ludo king new update



So this mode is good if you don’t like to play long games then play this new mode which is a gift for you and released in the new update of ludo king.

The other update was released on the occasion of Diwali. Ludo king added a new feature on Diwali and by using that feature you can send greeting cards to your friends by ludo king.

Ludo king Mask mode update

Now here comes the most interesting feature and new update of the ludo king. As in this covid 19 pandemic people mostly forget to follow SOP’s and stay safe. Ludo King has taken a great step to make people remember about wearing a mask as it has released a new mask mode in its new update. In this mode, your token must wear a mask to be safe otherwise it will be quarantined.

ludo king update

When you get some points let say a six then you have two options one is to move the token forward and out of home without mask and the other is to get a mask for it.  So the best option is to get a mask for the token as there are some points in the way where if your token crosses that point without a mask it will get quarantined. So to become safe you must have a mask for your token.

If you want to enjoy more luxury features for free then download and install the ludo king MOD apk version and have access to unlimited diamonds and win big matches.  You can read more about the ludo king mod apk by visiting this page Ludo King Mod APK and also visit the link if you want to download the latest version of MOD apk or simply click on the download button to download directly.


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