Garena free fire new released characters [latest 2021]

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Free Fire new characters

There are approximately 37 characters in the free fire game till now. Garena free fire introduces new characters and new features in the game in order to broaden the options for gamers and bring something more interesting to them.

Free fire characters are basically one of the main things the players look at. They wish to have a character with more and best abilities. Different characters have different abilities and we will discuss some of them actually the latest ones.

  • DJ Alok character


free fire character

Alok is the character with its ability which is called “Drop the Beat”. This means that this character can make aura within 5m which increases the speed of its ally or teammates by 10% and restore their HP to 5 for 5 seconds. Now if you are wondering about aura then let me tell you that aura means energy levels rays of light which shows energy flow.. in simple words the ability of Alok is that within 5m of the area if you or your teammate is knocked the Alok can make aura and increases the speed of your teammate’s performance and restores their health and this ability increases up to 8 levels. which is really a great feature and that’s why Alok is little expensive to purchase which costs around 599 diamonds. Alok is the best character to play a squad game.

  • Shirou character

free fire character new

Shirou is a free character you don’t have to purchase it and it can be claimed from the Cobra day event. Its ability is known as “fastest delivery guy around”. As told you this is a free character so its ability is not too good as it can only locate your enemy within 80m if the enemy fires on you a mark will be pointed on the enemy and will let you and your teammates know the location or direction of the enemy. I think this ability is needed by only any noob player otherwise everyone can locate the enemy its not a big issue.


  • Jai character

free fire new character

If you are familiar with the Bollywood actor Hritik Roshan then this character is the same in physical appearance to Hritik Roshan. As the actor is famous for more action movies so the Jai character also has been given the ability known as “Raging Reload”. Which means this character can auto-reload the gun magazine when you knock the opponent. The gun magazine is auto reloaded by 30% of it capacity.  So if you are a more aggressive player and your aim is good then this is a good character but this ability is limited to only (AR, Pistol, SMG). So if you are a new player and don’t have any good aiming skill then this character is not for you as it will put a stream of bullets on the targeted aim.

  • K ( Captain Booyah)

free fire new character

K or captain Booyah is very famous and best in terms of healing itself and the teammates. His ability Is know as “Master of all”. K’s active skill is that allies within the range of 6m can have a 500% EP conversion rate. The passive skill is all the allies within the area can recover 2 EP within 3 seconds and a maximum up to 100 EP. This character is best when playing with the squad as all the members can take benefit from this single character ability and can boost their Healing power.


  • Steffie character

This character is suitable when you want to play a defensive game and wanted to save your health. The ability of this character is known as Painted Refuge. This character creates a colorful circular boundary known as graffiti. The benefit of this graffiti is that the damage of bullet and even grenade is reduced. Let say if the normal damage is 90 then due to this ability the damage would be 30. It reduces the explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5%. But the sad thing is that this graffiti or the safe boundary lasts only for 10 seconds. After that, you have to turn it on again.

  • Hayato character

The ability of Hayato is known as “Bushido”. Its main advantage is that it makes more damage to the enemy vest. Yes, it will work only if the enemy is wearing a vest of any level. It can make more damage to 10%. So the benefit is that you will get normal damage but your enemy will get up to 10%  more damage than normal. The disadvantage of this character is that its ability only works if the enemy has any level of vest protection and if your health is low otherwise its ability won’t work. So if you are a very aggressive player and like to rush on enemies then this character is a good choice for you.

  • Skyler character

This character is a new character who has a very good ability know as Riptide Rhythm. It can break up to 5 glue walls of the enemies maximum of 100m area by using its sonic wave power. Usually the enemies hide behind the glue walls but you can break their glue walls and kill the enemies very easily by using the ability of this character. Its other advantage is that when you make your glue wall your HP will increase so if you are low in health then place more glue walls and increase your health. So this character is best as it can break the glue walls of enemies and also increases your health HP if you place glue walls.

free fire character

There are many more characters also but these are the best characters to play with and all the characters have their unique ability which is best suitable in different situations. Some characters are good for Solo matches and some are good for Squad matches. Few characters are free but most of the characters are not free and you have to purchase them using gold or diamonds.

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There are a total of 50 players and the one who survives till the end will become the winner. Freefire is a very interesting game you can choose your place or map and can do landing according to your desire.

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