Garena free fire new Events- Get latest Top-Up events

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Garena Free fire top-up events

Event is basically a task. After completing little tasks you are get paid or rewarded with gifts like VIP passes, themes, etc. There are many free fire events every year and people participate in those events to get rewarded. Gamers take part in different activities and complete different challenges to win the prices. You are gifted at any event like Holi day , women’s day, etc.


Besides these events, there are top-up events in which you have to top up your diamonds in the account and get the reward for doing this. For example, one top-up event was Shark Attack in which if you top up some diamonds like 500 diamonds you will get one loot box and one oblivion Gloo wall.

Below are some examples  of the events in free fire

  • Women’s day event

This is the special new event on women’s day you are given some tokens and by using those tokens we can actually get a free women character in the free fire. First of all, claim your daily login tokens and then select the character which you like. It will be mentioned on your screen that claim tokens from your token exchange and swap them by going into the women heroes section to get a free character.

  • Fight for colors (New Holi event)

This event comes on the occasion of HOLI and this time is named as the fight for colors. There is a map with different paths on it each path is of different color and you have to choose your color and complete the tasks in it. They will get a bundle of items which is known as the punkster runner bundle and it will contain items like custom room card, character level 8 card,

Simply click on the news tab you will see a fight for colors event just click GO TO button and you will be there in the fight for color section. you will see a map with a different path and each path contain a prize on completing its mission. Complete all the missions one by one and get rewarded on each completion.

  • Regional battle event

This event is important as you can collect points from 20k to 50k per day. This battle is played within the country or between the countries of the region. You will get 10 points per kill 150 points on playing  BR mode and do BOOYAH and many more things.

  • Lucky wheel Roll event

If you want to earn a reward by trying your luck then this event is just for you in which you have to just spin the wheel and get your reward like iPhone, free character, elite pass account, etc. The gamers can now enjoy this feature for free. This does not require any diamonds or any task you just have to claim it daily like you claim your daily login tokens

Free fire top-up events

  • Cobra top up 2 event

This is a very long event it will be available for a long period of time and all the players will be rewarded for completing some tasks. Besides this, the players will be rewarded a new character Shirou for free and even gamers can get a cobra backpack. There are other prizes also like gun skin, cobra emote skin, cobra motorcycle, and Lamborghini skin.

  • Skyler character top up event

It may be an upcoming event and it’s almost available in different countries but still not unlocked in many countries. The players will be going to unlock the new character named as SKYLER character. You will be getting two rewards in this event one is Skyler character the other is Skyler character bundle. This character could be very interesting as It can break the gloo wall of the enemy and increases your health on using the gloo wall so It could be very useful. 200 diamonds will be there in the top-up center for this character.

  • Shark Attack top up event

This is the new event recently added to the free fire game. You can claim the rewards by first purchasing some diamonds from the top-up Centre. After that go to the events center then click on Shark attack top up the event and then claim your reward. The reward includes one gloo wall and one loot box. The loot box is awarded if you top up 100 diamonds and if you top up 500 diamonds you can have Oblivion Gloo Wall.

So if you are not known to the word top-up let me tell you that this is the method or concept made by free-fire developers to give more incentives to the players if they top up the diamonds in their account. For doing this the players are given some rewards. So you should join every top-up event in order to get awarded and enjoy these features for free.

So if you have not downloaded the game yet then just install this free game and enjoy these best features for free by participating in every event of the game.

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 Q.Do I need to purchase or buy something to participate in the event?

. NO, it’s almost free and for top-up events, you just have to top up your diamonds in the account.

Q.Can I participate if I am a new player or if my account is new?

. Yes of course you can.

Q.From where can I know about the new or available events?

. Simply visit to the new tab in free fire and there you can see available updates on all new events.

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